Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Truce; a music show
Zicco House / Sanayi'e-Beirout
Thursday 21/06/2007
9 p.m.


ZAG said...

i'll bring nightS and come.
u be there too,ok?

ZAG said...

may u accept our apology (me & nightS) for not being there since i promised. nshallah next time.
sorry again.

Golaniya said...

you were wonderful, you made me cry couple times. i am proud of Palestinians, as always.
let me share with you a thought while i was listening to you:

you palestinians don't need Arabs no more. it is us who need you now.

looking forward to meeting you now the "lebanese crisis" is done.

أمل said...

golaniya .. can't say more than thank you for being who you are.
It was great to see you!

zag .. ib2a farjeena wijjak lamma tiji :P shtir bil 7aki bas